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MTF is an application that uses a newly developed point and click Croplan. It eliminates barriers between buyers and sellers, here enables information sharing across the agrifood production chain, and streamlines back office processes resulting in significant return for our customers.


Unique crop planning tools.

  • Establish electronic commerce with dealers you choose.
  • Hundreds of dealers and over 30 seed brands available via the site. You can add more!
  • Inputs added as needed so you can always purchase what you want.
  • Add notes and instructions to dealers or operators. Notes make it easier to make sure things go as you want. Special instruction can be for a farm, field, or individual input.
  • Re-use Croplans to get the planning process started and finished quickly.


Unique purchase order options.

  • Aggregating farms is easy and saves up to 10% off the cost of inputs.
  • Dealers receive orders instantly and can suggest products.
  • Easily track switch-outs, cancellations, invoice changes, and fulfillment.
  • Split billing capabilities make collaborating much easier.


Unique interface provides information to be viewed in several ways, and instantly stores information as it is entered.

  • Fewer processes get more results. The Croplan is used to create purchase orders, communicate with dealers and operators, and keep what goes on the field square with the invoices.
  • Budget versus Actual tool makes reconciling year end easier.
  • Automatic record keeping opens opportunities and eliminates processes.

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