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If You're a Farmer Dealer, we make it easier to grow and manage your business. 

ManageTheFarm is an application that uses a newly developed point and click Croplan.  This eliminates barriers between buyers and sellers and streamlines back office processes resulting in significant return for our customers.


Capture your customers' order, and order intentions, with a Smart Croplan.

  • The point and click Croplan can be viewable to both parties.  Both you and the farmer will find this electronic Croplan accessible and useful in managing the operation.
  • MTF automatically stores historical records without extra effort and helps your customers plan more easily.
  • Delivery or pickup of orders works the same as if ordering over the phone or through fax. The current delivery arrangements remain in place. 


Aggregate customers' needs into one order to your supplier. 

  • Dealers generate purchase orders based on products and services that are on the Croplan.  Information on the Croplan can be added by the dealer or the farmer.
  • You can aggregate the orders of multiple customers' and send to your supplier in one click.  You can send individual invoices to your customers. 
  • Dealers can create up to three versions of a purchase order, make suggestions, and send it electronically to the farmer for a confirmed order.


Keep your business organized without extra effort.

  • MTF supports Fixed Date Payment terms, and the “if paid by” feature.
  • The MTF system allows you to know purchase intentions prior to ordering.
  • Available to both you and the farmer instantly.
  • The historical reference provides value to both you and your customers.

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