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As a farmer, you create a crop plan and can send the inputs on your crop plan to your dealer as an order. If you have several farms or fields, you can pool them together very easily. Your dealer prices the order and sends it back to you for confirmation. There can be up to three versions created to make room for any additional changes. The information necessary to fill the order can be sent to the recipient of your choice, whether it’s your operator, partner, vendor, or department, without any additional hassles.

The dealers’ prices and other information are neatly viewable and easy to purchase. Purchased input traits are tracked to the field. The buyer prints the Purchase Order and mails it to the seller with a check.

Even with the careful planning of input purchases, it seems plans always change. Using ManageTheFarm, changes are made to invoices through the Croplan. So if you purchased suggested products from levitra sin receta your dealer they are added to the Croplan, or switched out one seed for another, we make it easy to make changes on the Croplan. An accurate Croplan follows through to orders and invoices marked as changes to original documents. It's that simple. Keep the Croplan square with what is happening and all other paperwork is accurate.

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